How are you dealing with battery temperature measurement issues?

Innovative analogue signal OR’ing technique allows all 4 sensor signals to be read with a two-wire acquisition system: output acts as a hot spot detector and reports only the maximum temperature.

When a battery is operating within safe limits, all four sensors report similar temperatures and such measurement accurately represents the overall temperature of the module. However, in the case of the failure event, a hot spot is very quickly noticed.

The sensor is a special-made temperature-variable voltage shunt reference. In simple words, it acts as a Zener diode, whose voltage drop depends on temperature. It requires a pull-up resistor (~680Ω) to operate at a cell voltage level. For convenience, the module can be used to power the sensor. The signal is non-linear. It is compensated internally to provide a flattest possible curve in the operating range of –40…+120°C. 

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